Home Loans for Bad Credit

Bad credit home loans for most borrowers are a solution to be used as a stepping stone to getting you back on track. These loans can  be refinanced to a lower rate when either credit defaults have dropped off your credit report or when you meet the credit requirements of mainstream lenders.
There are many different types of Borrowers who do not satisfy mainstream lender’s increasingly tight credit criteria. Since the GFC, many lenders have reduced their tolerance for risk to keep the cost of funding down, requiring them to have tighter credit policies.

Variables such as a bad credit score, late repayments, defaults, bankruptcies, court writs, judgments may mean you fail to meet a prime lender’s or mortgage insurer’s requirements when, in fact, you can be regarded as very reliable in terms of credit risk.

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All our Home Loans are Secured by a 1st mortgage over Residential Property.
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How can I get a Home Loan with a Bad Credit History?

We are uniquely qualified to assist borrowers with a bad credit history.

What are my lending options if I have Bad Credit?

Often these options fall “out of the box” for mainstream lenders and may include customers that have been declined by traditional lenders due to policy, credit scoring, bad credit rating or LMI restrictions. If you are PAYG or Self Employed with lodged Financials explore the Full Doc Options. If you are Self Employed and do not have lodged financials explore the Low Doc Options.

These mortgage loans for bad credit are designed to assist those borrowers who do not meet standard lending criteria to fund a property with the view of refinancing to a prime loan when credit rating is clear.

Non-Conforming Loans

Bad Credit Full Doc Home Loans

Bad Credit Full Doc Loans

Are you having difficulty buying a property or refinancing your home loan?

If you’ve been finding the Banks won’t consider your application for finance – it  doesn’t mean you’re out of options.

We can lend up to 95% LVR of property value if you have paid or unpaid defaults, have been declined before, a bad credit rating, multiple debts to consolidate, discharged Bankruptcy or Part 9, court writs, judgements or late payments including mortgage arrears.

Let’s talk now as we may have a solution for you.

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Bad Credit Low Doc Home Loans

Bad Credit Low Doc Loans

Australia has more than two million independent contractors or self-employed with many of these businesses having their financials ready at the time of application so do not fit into the Banks format for Self Employed.

We have low doc home loans for both clean credit and loans for bad credit ratings for purchases up to 90% LVR and refinances to 85% LVR with no cash out restrictions including paying out of ATO debts, consolidating business debts or cash out for business reasons.

Low Doc loans are designed for the self-employed or small company borrower/s whose financial statements may not be available at the time.

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Low Doc Loans

What our clients are saying…

We look after our customers and that’s why we have many satisfied clients from all over Australia… below are just a few.

After as few years of financial problems, my wife and I were finally ready to start looking at buying a house. If it wasn’t for Ray i am sure that we would still be looking. He was able to find solutions to our problems, find the right lender and the best deal that he could possibly get us.

Glenn, Melbourne

It has been an amazing experience working with Genene Ethell. Thank you very much for all of your help in securing our loan for our new home here in Caddens. You were organized & thorough & professional, as well as kind which made all of the difference in our interactions with you.

Martin, Sydney

We put our trust in you and you most definitely came through for us. Thank you for your patience as well as treating us as people rather than just home loan customers. You stand above the rest, Genene

Sonia, Albion Park